IPMI Integration


IPMI Integration module allows to remotely control every single server configured in our system via IPMI protocol.


  • Control Servers Remotely - Power On/Off/Reset
  • Read Data From Server Sensors With Poller Submodules
  • View System Event Logs
  • Access Device SUmmary
  • Check Detailed Information About BMC Plate
  • Manage Access Permission For Administrators

IPMI Configuration

In order to configure the IPMI protocol settings, please move to the summary page of a device you are interested in and use the action button located in the header and then follow to Settings tab.


The form requires the following fields to be provided:

  • IPMI Enabled - define for which server IPMI protocol will be enabled
  • IPMI IP Address - set up the IP address
  • IPMI Username - provide the IPMI username
  • IPMI Password - provide IPMI user password
  • IPMI Protocol Version - this section displays the information about protocol which is running on a selected device, you can choose from 1.0, 1.5 and 2.0 version
  • IPMI Driver - the driver which will be used for connection, IpmiTool as default
  • IpmiTool - this driver uses IpmiTool command which is executed directly on the server where EasyDCIM is installed
  • IpmiToolProxy - on the other hand you may select another driver, IpmiToolProxy, that uses the same command although the process involves an intermediary server. Easy DCIM connects to the server throughout SSH protocol, using the metadata: Hostname/IP, SSH Username, SSH Password, SSH Private Key, SSH Port
  • IPMI Proxy Server - if you decided to work with IpmiToolProxy driver it is required to determine the device which directs forward the set of commands concerning IPMI. If you selected IpmiTool driver the Proxy Server field becomes insignificant
  • IPMI Board Type - you have to specify the executive type, you can choose from Dell Drac, Supermicro or Generic
  • IPMI Port (UDP) - assign the port for the IpmiTool command, 623 as default
  • IPMI Remote Console Port - this port is used along with applet download for Java Console

After saving your data you may use Test IPMI Connection button which checks the connection itself by sending the command “Session Info Active”.

Remote Device Management

The module grants to the options to remotely turn off, turn on and restart the device with IPMI protocol support. If you want to perform one of these actions, simply move to summary section of the device. If IPMI module is active then in the header, next to the Actions button, you will have an opportunity to control the device remotely.


To perform a demanded action, please choose it from IPMI Power list as available.


Executing commands for the particular actions:

  • Power on
  • Power cycle
  • Power off

Remote Console

EasyDCIM allows to run the remote console for Dell Drac and Supermicro devices. To proceed with this action simply go to device Summary Section. If the IPMI Board Type field has been set for Dell Drac or Supermicro then in Summary Section additional box will be displayed:


To enter the console click on Launch Console button. Afterwards please download and run the applet.